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Our Story

Upon inheriting this piece of land, we researched our family tree. The original owner, Konstadis KRATSAS, was my great-great-great grandfather (6 generations back). As was common back in the day, he was given the nickname “Tsapelas”, which comes from the Greek word “tsapela” meaning a bushel of dried figs. He loved figs during those poor years when the island’s products were limited to figs, vineyards and olives. Apparently, on this same land, there existed a structure for which Konstadis gave permission to be used as a teaching venue for young children as there were no schools during those times. Ikaria was still under Turkish occupation and was officially united with Greece in July 1913.

Konstadis, was born in 1845 and had 6 children. He studied at the famous school of Odessa and as a merchant tradesman, and sailed with his own 500-ton bombard vessel – to Constantinople, Alexandria and Marseilles – trading various goods.

During one of his travels, Konstadis “Tsapelas” Kratsas salvaged the Sultan somewhere in the Aegean from a shipwreck on its way to Egypt and he undertook to return him safely back to Constantinople. To express his gratitude, the Sultan issued an order (“firmani”) with which Konstadis could sail un-harassed by pirates and conduct his commercial activities.

We are honored to share with you a few words about the history behind this piece of dry land that we inherited, overlooking at the end of a village which in the old years was full of life.

Our Legacy

Tsapelas Villas complex is situated in the area of Agios Kirikos in the southeast side of the island, 12km away from the airport of Ikaria, 3km from the harbor and only 10 minutes from the center by car.

Featuring a modern selection of private villas, Tsapelas is the benchmark of chic accommodation in Agios Kirikos-Ikaria, which is comprised of 4 separate two-storey buildings with ensuite bedrooms, fully equipped with a private kitchen and living room, finished with natural materials. Emphasis given, in particular to the renewable/geothermal energy for heating and cooling the buildings. 

This complex is a convenient starting point to discover the distant unspoiled Aegean island of Ikaria and to embrace the slow pace of the Ikarian lifestyle. It is nestled on the top of a hill of a picturesque village with sea-view and ideal for those seeking an authentic Ikarian summer experience with privacy style and serenity.


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